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About DB Schenker Argentina

Quality, Security & Environment

A support team, for better processes

The QSE Department, is responsible of giving support, to the Quality, Environment, Security & Health systems, and Compliance systems:

- ISO 9001:2008 (Quality)

- ISO 14001:2004 (Environment) 

- ISO 18001:2009 (Security & Health)

- IRAM 17450:2005 (Corporate fraude prevention)

ISO 9001: 2008 / ISO 14001:2004: are managed through a local developed tool, called ISODATA, that allows us to follow up the goals, procedures, non conformities and reports to direction

IRAM 17450:2005: This norm, requires the implementation of corporate policies, that are transmitted to the employees, through periodical trainings. Report "hot-lines", have been created. All this process is managed by a Disciplinary Comitte, that reports directly to the Regional Compliance Office.

ISODATA – Is a web-tool to follow up the following standards:

- ISO 9001:2008

- ISO 14001:2004

- ISO 18001:2009

- The QSE department administers the Web-Tool

- New users / Trainee employees

- Procedures

- Follow up Nonconforming services

- Objectives

- Internal Audits

- KPI’s (Quality & Environment)

- The RRHH department administers one module of system:

- Competence requirements of personnel

- Trainee evaluations.

Last modified: 01.09.2014

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