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The direct way from the vineyard to the client

  • Integral logistics services
  • Storage and distribution
  • Documentation
  • Logistics and packaging

Wine & Liquors

Logistics service for experts in good wine.
Whether your wine is directly delivered to your clients or if it requires temporary storage infrastructure, we have all the necessary knowledge and resources to provide you with said infrastrucutre- from storage to logistics solutions. 
Set new standards together with Schenker.

Worldwide logistics

Your shipments will be dispatched through the Schenker’s worldwide network. Our local offices will be responsible for your shipments, whether for import or export, in order to assure a fluid transition. 

We offer you the following:

  • Complete door- to- door service, whether for export or import.
  • Delivery of small samples or orders.
  • Bulk or packaged wine.
  • Integral logistics services.
  • Worldwide network resources in which all aspects of the wine logistics requirements are under the control of Schenker.
  • IT solutions for every need, monitoring system through the Internet.
  • Economical and efficient logistics for your shipments through highly qualified and responsible operators.


We have been working in wine logistics for many years. Thus, we can manage all your needs relating to documentation.

Use our “Know-How”:

  • Import licenses.
  • Assistance for the specific requirements in each country.
  • Invoices and ADs.
  • Export documents and customs requirements.

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