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The Dual System in Argentina

Your expertise – our challenges.

The dual system is the most important element of vocational training in Germany. Through the combination of theory with practice, the student gains a solid foundation of skills and knowledge across the company. In Argentina, the dual system was introduced by the Argentine-German Chamber of Commerce.

During the two year duration of the program, training in theory and practice are combined. Young professionals take theoretical modules in the Professional Development Center / Center for Industrial Training and practical modules at the company, which is responsible for the training of the practitioner, where he/she has the opportunity to experience a complete job training.

The company may benefit by offering a rotation according to its needs, providing the practitioner the opportunity to know the different areas and learn their activities; important aspects to consider in the future, at the end of training.

For the young it is the beginning of a professional career. At the end of two years with above-average performance the intern will be able to qualify for a scholarship in Germany, as well as the recognition of subjects in some universities of Buenos Aires. (source: http://www.ahkargentina.com.ar)

Schenker Argentina, has been implementing this program for several years now. Many of the interns stayed in our company after graduation, having successfully developed their careers both in Argentina and in the world.

Last modified: 01.09.2014

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