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What we offer

We offer you more than just a place to work!

DB Schenker – the right place for all logistics solutions and the right counterpart for your professional development.

Career Opportunities

Climb aboard to get ahead at DB Schenker!

A multifaceted career with DB Schenker – both geographically and professionally: We can make it happen!

Only with the help of our staff will we be able to achieve our vision of becoming the global market leader in logistics services. This is why the professional and personal development of our staff is a topic close to our hearts. We therefore endeavour to fill vacant management and specialist positions as often as we can from among our own ranks. Your career path and career potential knows no bounds at DB Schenker. Our numerous locations both nationally and internationally offer you the chance to further your career as a manager or specialist in one of our diverse business areas.

Dr. Hans-Jörg Rodi (Chairman of the Board – Schenker Deutschland AG)

"I studied Economics, obtained my doctorate and started to work at Stinnes AG in the controlling division in 1996. At that time Stinnes was the parent company of Schenker AG. I stayed in that job for two years and then came to the conclusion that I would actually rather be in a profession which brought me closer to real life. At this juncture I joined the Controlling Division of Schenker AG as a group leader. After one year I took over the specialist controlling division which basically meant that I was responsible for the controlling of all global enterprises at Schenker. I found immense satisfaction in this role. After three years in this position I received an offer to transfer to France and take a role on the financial board of the French country organization. This was one of those phases in life where you ask yourself whether you wish to continue down your current path, in my case finance, or whether you wish to focus on something different. It was a very exciting period for me – I was able to admit that I would like to be in operations, meaning not only to work in the background but to be in the forefront of the action.
I subsequently received the offer to become Chairman of the Board of Schenker Deutschland AG and to take over responsibility for the Region
Central Europe, namely Germany, Benelux and Switzerland. I have been in this role for two years now and am very happy in my position."

Human Resources Development

Recognize, develop and promote potential!

DB Schenker aims to have the best workforce and to motivate them individually. By means of tailored programs, seminars and workshops we provide you with the opportunity to continually broaden your horizons and expand your personal profile.

Would you like to overcome the daily challenges in your everyday life? Would you like to grow, broaden your horizons and take responsibility for yourself and for others? If so, DB Schenker is the right place for you!

We consider ourselves to be a learning organization. Your knowledge is our most important asset, which is why we have set ourselves the target to preserve and promote your expertise. We have confidence in your abilities and your dedication and will support you in discovering your talents and potential and help you to actively deploy them.

DB Schenker offers you the opportunity to expand your professional, methodological, social and personal skills to enable you to reach your professional and individual goals.

We invest in our staff and prepare you individually for a potential professional and leadership career.

We recognize your potential and support you in living it successfully!

Working Internally

Can you see the world at DB Schenker? – Of course!

Somewhere between homesickness and bravura: The logistics sector is THE branch for globetrotters! Are you in search of an international challenge? We can offer you a variety of opportunities to prove yourself in a global environment.

In the face of rapidly expanding globalization, international collaboration and cross-border teamwork are assuming an ever-important role in the world of work. As a global player we place much emphasis on cross-border expertise in all significant regions of the world.

The logistics sector holds the world in its hands. Business is booming and the demand for logistics services on the national and international markets is ever increasing.

In addition to truck drivers, train drivers, logistics specialists and floorman it is the international multi-taskers who are in demand today in a branch that essentially controls the production of global corporations – 24 hours a day.

Do you crave an international flair at your work place and does it inspire you to work in a multi-cultural working environment? If so, which employer would be more suitable for you than DB Schenker?!

Just take a look at our international job vacancies and see for yourself which positions currently need to be filled around the globe. Maybe something will catch your eye....

Have you seen a position abroad and are asking yourself the question “am I ready to take such a step?”

We have compiled a list of questions to help you make your decision:

Which factors will influence me when making the decision?

  • Do I meet the professional and personal requirements for the position?
  • Am I fluent enough in the target language?
  • Am I open-minded enough for life in a foreign country and a different culture?  What does my family think?
  • Am I mobile, flexible and independent enough so that nothing can get to me so easily?

We know it is not always easy to live and work abroad. DB Schenker will not leave you stranded and will support you in your new life.

It’s up to you! Get ready for your international experience with DB Schenker!

Last modified: 01.09.2014

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