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Why DB Schenker

Our staff speaks for us!

Who can describe life at DB Schenker better than our staff? Here you can read what DB Schenker staff have to say about life at DB Schenker.

Silke Benz (FLEX responsible Tigre Logistics Center Argentina, DB Schenker Logistics):
"Thousands of employees all over the world feeling identified with the same words: DB SCHENKER. It doesn't matter where you're working in the DB world, DB SCHENKER is a big family with the same purpose:  to offer high quality services to their customers and high satisfaction for their employees."

Fabian Labate (Tigre Logistics Center Argentina, DB Schenker Logistics):

"What I like most about working at DB Schenker is the warmth, dialogue and fellowship atmosphere. It's fun to work at the company, because every day there are new challenges and things to solve. The good thing about working at DB Schenker is that it opens the doors to work anywhere in the world"

Gabriel Nagore (QSE Manager Argentina, DB Schenker Logistics):

"I´ve been working at DB Schenker for 18 years now, both in Argentina and Chile. It´s a company that gave me the tools to develop my skills, and I´m thankful for that"

Rafael Cerutti (Risk & Claims Management Argentina, DB Schenker Logistics):

"After working with several companies, I found that DB Schenker is the right place to be. At DB Schenker you really get the chance to make a difference: providing better and more efficient services, in a friendly environment, with a little touch of you."

Stefanie Gaudig (Trainee Rail Worker in Operations L/T, DB Schenker Rail):
"An apprenticeship at DB Schenker Rail stands for a qualitatively good apprenticeship complete with optimal mentoring and regulated working conditions within the rail transport sector."

Nyazi Payzin (Trainee at Job Rotation, DB Schenker Logistics):
"What I like best about DB Schenker is the open company culture. The dialog amongst the staff is honest and direct and networking is given a high priority here."

Carolina Gonzalez (Trainee at euroTRAIL, DB Schenker Rail):
"I really enjoy working at DB Schenker Rail because it is such a dynamic and internationally oriented corporation within the fast-paced logistics sector. As a trainee I have had the opportunity to work in various European countries and to work on cross-border projects. You learn something new every day and face new and exciting challenges on a daily basis."

Bard King (Production Controller DB Schenker Rail):
"What makes DB Schenker Rail so attractive, are the opportunities it provides. The challenges and various projects which contribute towards creating a European-wide network offer several exciting opportunities and room for development. The goal of sustaining and expanding their network shows me Schenker's ambition and the direction it wants to follow as well as granting me opportunity to actively live my international experience on a European scope."

Melanie Tönsmann (Head of Personnel Development, Schenker Deutschland AG):
"We depend on our staff and we make it our priority to provide well-qualified personnel for our customers at all times. To motivate our staff and intensify their commitment to DB Schenker we offer exciting careers and numerous opportunities for professional advancement. If you are looking to join a really exciting company in a dynamic sector then DB Schenker is the right place for you!"

Dr. Hansjörg Rodi (Chief Executive Officer - Schenker Deutschland AG):

„Schenker is a vital organization which is constantly developing and in flux. To foster these processes we need dedicated, enthusiastic staff who possess the curiosity and desire for advancement, both professionally as well as personally. As a matter of course DB Schenker is permanently challenged to create opportunities in order to achieve these goals.“

Last modified: 01.09.2014

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