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Additional Services

Optimal Add-ons Options

With our additional services, we offer you a wide range of add-on options that complement our additional services optimally.

DB Schenker SmartBox

24 hours a day & 365 days a year Ocean Freight transparency

The new DB SCHENKERsmartbox service monitors global freight transports in a more convenient and innovative way. You can now choose from multiple options in the DB SCHENKERsmartbox family based on your needs.

DB SCHENKERsmartbox premium
uses GPS coordinates to let you monitor your consignments on the internet in real time. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, G-force, movement, vibration and inclination are checked constantly. The technology monitors the route across modes of transportation using geofencing, a telematics solution in which a container is only permitted to move within an area that has been defined in advance. The device reports any attempt to open the container. Parameters can be custom-configured on the internet. The new Advanced Air & Ocean Tracking service also lets you track each unit individually in real time on the internet.

DB SCHENKERsmartbox light
makes it possible to document temperature, humidity, G-force, light, vibration and inclination during the transport. You can use the software to define your own thresholds for each parameter. Any values that exceed the thresholds are documented.

DB SCHENKERsmartbox easy 1 and easy 2
measures temperature (DB SCHENKERsmartbox easy 1) or temperature and humidity (DB SCHENKERsmartbox easy 2) during the transport. The saved values can be exported easily via USB after the consignment arrives. The exact time each measurement was taken is recorded. A chart shows the temperature measurements and any deviations from the temperature range defined in advance.

DB SCHENKERsmartbox easypharma
is a certified solution designed for the pharma industry and for medical transports. It measures and stores temperature and humidity readings collected during transport. The stored data can be read easily with a USB connection. The expanded memory allows up to 32,000 measurements which can be provided to the customer via the eServices on the DB Schenker homepage.

DB SCHENKERsmartbox logistics
enables monitoring of temperature and humidity levels in standard or cold storage warehouses. The device transfers the data to a computer in real time, where it is stored in a database. The advantages of the system include the precise accuracy of the measurements and the wireless transfer of data. If the temperature or humidity thresholds, which can be configured individually, are exceeded, an alarm is automatically triggered, enabling further steps to be taken.

SCHENKERsmartbox individuals
Offers customized solutions for every mode of transportation and area of application along the entire supply chain. DB Schenker will work on your business case requests to find the best solution within your supply chain.

Integrated e-tools and IT systems

Your supply chain in sight

DB Schenker offers a wide range of visibility solutions which help you manage your entire supply chain.

Whether you are looking for lean Tracking & Tracing solutions or active monitoring of your entire supply chain by means of high sophisticated order management services, DB Schenker helps you to improve your productivity and efficiency.   

eBooking at DB Schenker

eBooking is a web portal designed for you to directly enter air and ocean bookings into a password-protected web form.

eBooking simplifies your booking process. All relevant data and shipment-related documents can be sent directly to your local DB Schenker office.

A complete booking overview including a status bar provides instant shipment visibility at all times.

Shipment Visibility and Monitoring

DB Schenker offers Tracking & Tracing on shipment or PO level-based on multiple (including your own) references.

  • Tracking: The process of monitoring the status of a shipment or purchase order.
  • Tracing: The process of locating and/or determining the current status of a shipment or purchase order.  

Proactive monitoring by means of customizable exception alerting ensures an effective management of your supply chain at an early stage.

Order Management 

DB SCHENKERicm provides full end-to-end supply chain visibility and control from purchase order to final delivery.

Following the link on the right side, you will find more information about DB SCHENKERicm.

Cargo Insurance

Taking care of risks

Ask DB Schenker to arrange cargo insurance for you – the safe way to secure full payment for potentially damaged or lost goods.

DB Schenker offers you safe and reliable transport services. Yet still, there is a risk for accidents caused by nature or human error. DB Schenker and its subcontractors will help you handle any such matter.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Professional and swift claims assistance from insurers
  • Budgeting of claims costs and premiums
  • Fulfillment of cargo insurance requirements for certain banking transactions
  • Full value compensation
  • 10% imaginary profits paid in addition

Laws and conventions for transport include limitations that may reduce compensation to a certain sum per kilo. Therefore, payments may not always fully correspond to the actual total value of the cargo.

The best way to secure full value payment for damage or loss during transportation is to buy cargo insurance for the shipment. As an add-on service, DB Schenker offers such insurance for all transport modes globally.

Customs Services - Play it safe

With us, things become simple

DB Schenker offers you one-stop transport and customs services and is your reliable partner for customs brokerage services around the world.

Accurately managed customs processes at origin and destination are the key requirements to ensure flawless operations and to avoid delays and costs.  

Close contact with authorities

To ensure regulatory compliance, DB Schenker is in close contact with local and international authorities. While worldwide customs regulations are getting more and more complicated, DB Schenker’s experts around the globe ensure accurate customs services in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements.
By providing both, transport and customs services, DB Schenker is your reliable partner to manage all required logistics services up to the final delivery of your shipment.

DB Schenker Ocean - Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

SCHENKERocean Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill

SCHENKERocean is a globally acting Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and provides full ocean carrier services.

DB Schenker is the global agent and representative of SCHENKERocean. As an NVOCC, SCHENKERocean issues its own ocean or multimodal Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill.

While global trade is increasing in size and complexity, DB Schenker is able to cover your door-to-door shipments in one document.Great care has been applied in making sure this Bill of Lading conforms to international standards, including the “UCP 600” (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits).

Last modified: 01.09.2014

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