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We know the challenges in your industry and the tools you need to make your work run smoothly

Our expertise in each of the modes of transport and in contract logistics makes us the ideal partner for services throughout the supply chain – around the globe and around the clock.

Building Materials

Your foundation for innovative logistics

Building material manufacturers must be able to rely on a high-performing logistics partner. As the largest European rail freight operator, we ensure fast and reliable delivery of construction products, building materials and construction elements.

In the building materials industry, enormous quantities of raw materials and goods are transported every day. This requires exceptional organization, implementation and equipment demands within the supply chain. By choosing DB Schenker, you will reap the benefits of our extensive cross-border network of rail freight services. We offer you a Railport system with high-capacity service centers, the very latest loading and unloading techniques and special rail transport equipment. Our experience and expertise mean we can ensure precisely scheduled workflow management and deliver 'just-in-time' solutions for raw materials, building materials (such as cement, clay, gravel and chippings), construction elements and concrete parts.

We are your expert partner for transport planning, loading and unloading of all types of freight or the delivery of transshipment services and additional warehouse logistics services. For example, we deliver over one million tons of German clay to Italian tile manufacturers every year. We then transport the finished tiles all over the world. You will also find us the perfect partner for your construction site logistics needs. We have delivered approximately four million tons of materials to the major construction site for Berlin's new BBI airport.

In addition to the logistics handling of building materials, we also offer customized solutions for waste disposal logistics and logistical infrastructures for key raw materials - lime, gypsum and slurry.


We are your ideal partner for fast and environmentally friendly waste logistics, from domestic waste, waste paper processing through to sludge, waste oil, filter dust and clinker from waste incineration plants/RDF power plants and including hazardous and special waste. We can even handle excavated earth, contaminated soil and precast concrete parts. Our years of experience and expertise enable us to provide innovative, cross-carrier solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. As a result you can rely on secure and reliable end-to-end transport systems and logistics chains. We are a certified waste disposal company and have obtained the necessary licenses in accordance with the German Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW/AbfG). We are also a member of the German Association of Waste Transport and Environmental Services (Entsorgergemeinschaft Transport und Umwelt e.V.).

Gypsum, lime, slurry

For many years, DB Schenker has been ensuring delivery of a reliable and efficient supply of gypsum, lime and slurry to the industrial sector. We use a comprehensive fleet of special rail freight cars with specialized loading and unloading equipment, as well as transport protection systems and extremely high-performance transshipment points. Every year we transport six million tons of lime to customers in the chemical, construction material, and coal and steel industries. We deliver lime and burnt lime to German power plants for flue gas desulphurization. This produces large quantities of FGD gypsum that we in turn deliver to the building materials industry. We also provide a continuous and reliable supply of filler and coating materials to the paper industry (GCC, PCC and kaolin slurry).


On the move for the chemical, oil and fertilizer industries

For the chemical, oil and fertilizer industries, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns in logistics. With many years of experience in the industry, we offer you industry-specific logistics solutions around the globe that fulfill all requirements.

At DB Schenker, expert teams work with you to develop integrated, multimodal transportation concepts for your industry, enabling short reaction times and just-in-time delivery even in periods of volatile demand. The goal is supply chain management exactly tailored to your needs.

Special safety standards apply for chemical, oil and fertilizer products, and must be complied with at all times. When transporting hazardous materials, it is especially important that you can rely on responsible handling, which we ensure with comprehensive safety and emergency management. We also help you respond to the need for environmentally friendly solutions. Goods can be transported with a variety of CO2-saving and climate-friendly products, or even 100 percent CO2-free in the German rail network with our Eco Plus offer.

As the largest European rail freight company, we offer you a full spectrum of services for your bulk goods - from single-car transport to block train products and multimodal solutions. Special rail offerings such as chem-solution or oil-solution are tailored to the requirements of the respective industries. Through partnerships with other European rail freight operators, more and more European regions can be reached via seamless rail connections.

With our global logistics network, we operate for your packaged goods rail, land, ocean and air based supply chains, tailored to your needs wherever on the globe your markets demand. For last mile solutions, we are able to include a large selection of value-added services so your product reaches your customers exactly according to your market promise.

In addition to downstream distribution, we develop upstream project solutions for the oil and gas industry, e.g. logistical support for oil fields.

Consumer Vertical Market

Innovative and efficient solutions for the Consumer market

The consumer industry demands unique logistics and warehousing solutions. Our extensive experience throughout this market provides you with a competitive advantage in your supply chain, reducing total spend and increasing efficiency.

At DB Schenker, we have numerous blue-chip Consumer industry customers with whom we have developed long-term partnerships.  We operate generally in the B2C (Business to Consumer) field and we work hard at generating cost savings while increasing productivity to provide improved supply chain efficiency and true value to you.

We work closely together with you to develop customized supply chain solutions, individually fine-tuned to your own specific needs -  to allow you to enjoy optimized inventories, shortened time to market and improved relationships with your business partners.

DB Schenker’s global network together with a strong local presence in countries throughout the world allows for the reliable handling and execution of supply chains in all geographies, with worldwide access to our complete portfolio of logistics services. We link all transport modes, including rail freight, land transport, air- and sea-freight, and integrate our solutions with value added services and warehousing to create true end-to-end solutions. We also offer a wide variety of supplementary services, including customs clearance, co-packing, fulfillment, production supply, projects shipments and Fairs and Exhibitions services. Eco-friendly transport is also available upon request.


We mobilize electronics

Increasing globalization is subjecting the electronics industry to time and cost pressures. With our logistics services, we make sure you optimize your production processes and reduce expenses.

Many companies are relocating their manufacturing facilities to Eastern Europe or Asia. At the same time, product life cycles in the electronics sector are getting shorter and shorter. With our international network, we overcome the great distances between production sites and consumers quickly and cost-effectively.

Our approach: With multiparty platforms, we improve planning and collaboration within your supply chain to accelerate the flow of materials and finished products. All of our logistics services meet the highest standards of quality and flexibility – all over the world.

As a global market leader in logistics services for the electronics industry, we fulfill your requirements with proven concepts or by working with you to develop customized and innovative solutions. Safe and reliable delivery of your shipments is important to us, so we provide end-to-end visibility and make use of special products, e.g.  in land transport,  air and ocean freigh. In Contract Logistics/SCM efficiency programs like Six Sigma and 5s/POP improve our processes for you on a continuous basis.

With our Vendor Managed Inventory solutions (PVMI) we make sure that based on materials and inventory management, significant IT transparency and global customer support, your stocks are replenished just-in-time. You will save inventory costs till your supplier’s components are actually required in production.

Furthermore, we provide logistics management and support you with a variety of additional services such as repairs or labeling. And with our Eco Solutions, even climate-friendly transport of your goods is possible.

Metals & Coal

Your specialist for the coal, steel and power generation industry

Producers of steel and energy must be able to rely on secure planning and continuous supplies. With our sector expertise, we create flexible and reliable solutions – regardless of the load size.

The value chain in the coal and steel industry stretches ever further across countries and continents. Steel products and raw materials are imported from emerging economies such as the CIS, China, India and Brazil. The market is constantly changing and requires new concepts in logistics. At DB Schenker, we respond to these changes with innovative and cost-effective transport solutions.

With years of experience and a pool of 42,000 freight cars, we organize transport chains from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods. Our numerous railports and rail logistics centers across Europe allow the best possible interconnection of rail, road and shipping routes - even at times of highly fluctuating demand. This allows us to deliver shorter, more regular transit times with improved cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Reliable planning and supply are of paramount importance to us. The energy sector already relies on the skills and multimodal transport services provided by DB Schenker for the transport of materials in and out of power plants all over Europe.

As one of the largest suppliers of raw materials to steelworks, we guarantee a reliable supply of ore, coal, lime and scrap metal. A diverse fleet of cars means we can transport coils for customers in the steel manufacturing industry just as professionally as structural shapes, pipes, cast pieces and even oversized sheet metals.

Our sales representatives work with you to develop specific transport and logistics solutions, including special rail solution concepts, that are tailored to your precise requirements. Examples of our services include the reliable provision of empty freight cars, freight car chassis guarantee, scrap supply management as well as the provision and use of special freight cars. We also offer industry-specific production concepts for sectors such as the automotive industry.

Reduction of CO₂emissions is becoming increasingly important, particularly since the introduction of the EU emissions trade. We are responding to these developments with a range of climate-friendly products. Rail services are capable of providing even 100% CO₂-free transport solutions.


At work for the global retail industry

The world of retail spins fast. Short life cycles and dramatic seasonal variations place extremely high demands on logistics requirements. Our global network ensures that you can always respond immediately to any new challenge.

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are the key factors that the retail industry expects from logistics providers. When high demand for a product creates a rush order, DB Schenker’s global network can expedite your goods from any area of the world directly to your customer. This is why we work with you to develop a flexible supply management system that leaves you always ready to respond to new market requirements.

Take advantage of our global network for air, ocean, land and rail freight for reliable, on-schedule distribution to retailers or end customers. We guarantee transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes for anyone using our services. Furthermore, we ensure that your supply chain is supported with tagging and quality checks and stand ready as your partner in establishing an e-commerce distribution network. We also assist with your commoditization needs: by establishing an international network, we make it possible to successfully market a product that is still unknown on a global scale.

Marine parts

Your dependable marine logistics partner

International shipping operates on a tight schedule. Round the clock, seven days a week, our global logistics system enables us to handle complex transport assignments within precise time frames.

To operate economically, ships have to stay on the move.

Ship owners, ship management companies, shipyards, offshore operating companies, tow and barge operators and manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts for vessels can rely on our professional, customized industry solutions.

Specially trained consultants find the fastest route for you to any port, from the factory gate directly to your vessel, always using the most suitable transport mode.

In addition, our global network of logistics warehouses is at your disposal, close to ports and to the major spare parts suppliers.

Our services include order processing, procurement, inventory and project management, bidding and flexible shipping. You benefit from transparent services and pricing as well as lead-time guarantees.

We also work with the latest IT solutions, which we constantly refine to better meet the needs of the maritime industry. Our innovative online tool MyMPS lets you track the status of your Purchase Order anytime, anywhere.

DB SCHENKERmarineparts – The Experts in Marine Logistics

Semicon / Solar

New power for an innovative industry

The semiconductor and solar industry is a forward looking industry characterized by the permanent development of its technologies. With flexible and comprehensive logistics solutions we provide you with multi-faceted support to expand in a global market place.

The industry’s most important demand on logistics services is cost efficiency and supply chain optimization. We provide customized solutions to ensure that you can react quickly to short innovation cycles and constantly changing demands in your supply chain.

For over 15 years, we have been working with most OEMs and suppliers in the semiconductor and solar market. Thanks to this extensive experience we can offer you complex and reliable logistics solutions that are exactly tailored to your needs. You benefit from the responsible handling of your sensitive products, consistent performance level, and a global network of logistics experts.

With a wide range of services supporting every aspect of your production process we enable you to take the lead in your core competence and to operate with maximum efficiency along the entire value chain. Collaborating with manufacturers, suppliers, and their customers, creates comprehensive logistics solutions for your long-term market success.

Our established services for companies from the semiconductor and solar industry cover all aspects of logistics by connecting the whole range of transportation modes: From classical transportation management through production supply and value added services such as crating or quality inspections to optimizing the entire supply chain – from equipment logistics to spare parts and after sales services. We also ensure the security of your shipments with end-to-end visibility solutions and the highest degree of safety standards.

As a leading supplier of integrated logistics services we offer complete solutions from a single source.

Our new industry solution „DBSCHENKERpvchain” offers the seamless integration of optimized quality testing throughout the solar supply chain on a world wide level.

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